Our History

The Lydia Legacy

Lydia O'Leary A disfiguring red facial birthmark made it difficult for a promising young college graduate from New England to find employment. But it didn't deter Lydia O'Leary for long.

A playful experiment while oil painting and a keen interest in chemistry led her to the discovery of Covermark. Not only did it cover the flaming port wine stain that covered Lydia's face from chin to forehead, it restored her self-esteem. She was recruited for the job she pursued.

Buoyed by this discovery, she was determined to help others with birthmarks, port wine stains, burns, scars, and other imperfections benefit from her invention. Encouragement by a growing legion of dermatologists, who referred their patients to her, Lydia O'Leary officially introduced Covermark, the first collection of concealment products.

O'Leary's invention was a first... vastly different from cosmetics defined as "applications to the skin which increases beauty." After Lydia personally demonstrated Covermark on her own birthmark before an astonished panel of federal appellate judges, the Court ruled that Covermark went well beyond the definition of cosmetics in its remarkable effect. Lydia's Covermark foundation became the first and only foundation ever granted an U.S. patent.

More than Makeup...It's Magic

Covermark evolved into the most comprehensive, state of the art approach to concealing and correcting virtually every skin imperfection. FACE and Leg and Body complemented the Classic Cover offerings, introducing consumers new ways to enjoy beautiful, flawless-looking. These innovative offerings are Water-resistant, protective with high SPFs, smudge-proof, long-lasting, and easy to apply.