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Night Magic

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Night Magic - CM Beauty,Inc.
Night Magic - CM Beauty,Inc.
What's the best way to help reform aging, sun damaged skin? Discover the way discerning women have helped reverse the effects of time with a wondrous skin care treatment. Night Cream, a cult classic with a generation of consumers faithful to this Swiss-formulated skin savior, is your best defense against dry, devitalized skin.

Targeted to tackle dryness and changes in the skin initially detected by the 40-plus woman, Night Magic has been hailed the most effective route to supple, smooth, younger-looking skin.

Night time and day time nourishment as rich as it gets. Royal Treatment for Extra Dry Skin. A Marian Bialac classic. For generations, the best-kept secret for the most youthful appearance. In luxe cream or liquid. Swiss formula contains the richest, purest emollients. All you need to soften and smooth extra dry skin.

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